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Mozambique’s spectacular 2 700km coastline, washed by the warm waters of the Indian Ocean, offers a treasure chest of beautiful beaches. Some of them are far off the beaten track, offering complete seclusion.

Coral reefs extend along most of the Mozambican coast, and the tourist industry is firmly established here. The Inhambane region is home to particularly good beaches, and the resort areas of Tofo Beach and Barra Beach offer a wide range of activities, from horse riding to sailing, snorkelling and diving. In fact, kayaking, sailing, dhow trips and snorkelling are available at most beach resorts or islands.

The white, silky sands and balmy waters team with exotic fish, making Mozambique a definite favourite among divers from across the world. Mozambique easily competes with other top-class diving destinations, and the extreme friendliness of its people and largely undiscovered state make it even more desirable.

Divers of all levels can experience great diving and exploration on the pristine reefs, which offer an array of experiences, from manta ray cleaning stations to interaction with the gentle whale shark.

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