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The |Ai-|Ais/Richtersveld Transfrontier Park straddles the borders of South Africa and Namibia. It consists of the Richtersveld National Park (a World Heritage Site) in South Africa and the |Ai|Ais National Park in Namibia. Wander through even just part of its combined 6 045km2 and you'll be mesmerised by some of the most spectacular arid and desert mountain scenery in Southern Africa.

The Fish River Canyon meanders for 160km between the steep, spectacular cliffs, dividing the Nama plateau. Stare down at ancient history weathered by an eternity of sun, wind and strong river currents. Climb down, if you’re an intrepid adventurer, and touch the passage of time.

Natural attractions, activities and highlights:

  • Orange River
  • Fish River Canyon
  • |Ai-|Ais hot water springs
  • Wildlife
  • Vegetation
  • Culture