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RETOSA’s mandate is to encourage and facilitate the movement and flow of tourists into the region, applying the necessary regional or national policies and mechanisms which facilitate the liberalisation of exchange control regulations. In order to achieve this mandate RETOSA has a board of directors which oversees that the organisational structure executes the departmental plans. 

VISION:  To make Southern Africa the destination of choice in the world by 2027.

MISSION:  To implement impactful, innovative and high tourism growth projects through stakeholder’s participation, sustainable, production and consumption practices.

OBJECTIVES:  The primary objective of RETOSA shall be to facilitate and promote the development of equitable and ethical tourism throughout the Southern Africa Region taking due consideration of the overall development of the people, vis a vis the Region’s natural and cultural resources. RETOSA shall continue to lobby for the removal of barriers to the free trade in tourism services across member-states ’borders.

RETOSA MEMBERSHIP:  Full membership of RETOSA is comprised of registered and nationally recognised private sector umbrella organisations and national public sector tourism authorities operating in member states.

ORGANISATION AND STRUCTURES:  The principal organs of RETOSA are comprised of the Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Secretariat and Technical Committees established by the Board of Directors.

DEPARTMENTAL STRUCTURE:  The RETOSA departmental structure comprises of the following departments:

Finance and Human Resources Department

This department assists and supports the Secretariat with the administration of personnel records and data. It also assists in the administration of a range of finance procedures and ensures that the use of resources is adequately monitored and controlled.

The finance wing undertakes the efficient and accurate preparation and maintenance of information and data for financial systems. It is responsible for the complete and accurate recording/receipt of all monies, including the maintenance and recovery of returned cheques.

The finance wing provides support to staff on the production of timesheets, travel claims, orders and any other relevant financial documentation. It also produces regular financial reports for budget holders and appropriate staff, as and when required.

The human resources wing undertakes the efficient and accurate preparation and maintenance of information and data for the personnel systems operated by the Secretariat, in accordance with agreed procedures and regulations. It is also responsible for creating, maintaining and updating confidential HR records for all staff.

Marketing and Communications Department

The role of the Marketing and Communications Department is to position, market and manage the overall reputation of RETOSA both in Southern Africa and globally, thereby enhancing the region as an investment and tourism destination.

The department endeavours at all times to partner with relevant internal and external stakeholders to share Southern Africa’s success stories and to showcase Southern Africa as a regional tourism destination of choice and as single multifaceted destination.

This is achieved through utilising effective platforms for communications, brand management, marketing, public relations, events and exhibitions, which form part of its overall marketing and branding mandate.

Among the core programmes and projects that are carried out by the department are:

  • Capacity building
  • Exhibitions, fairs and events
  • Corporate social investment
  • Investment promotion
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Familiarisation and media trips
  • Media and public relations
  • Travel trade seminars and workshops
  • Joint marketing initiatives
Destination branding
Capacity-building workshops 

To view the upcoming workshops visit the events page.

MICE – exhibitions and events

To view the upcoming MICE exhibitions and events visit the events page.

Research, Planning and Development Department

The Research, Planning and Development Department is the heart of RETOSA, pumping lifeblood into the development of tourism in Southern Africa.

The strategic function of the department is coordinating and running research and product development programmes and projects. It is responsible for the following:

  • The collection, collation and dissemination of regional tourism statistics
  • Ensuring member states have the necessary skills and capacity to generate tourism statistics at a national level, including the development of national Tourism Satellite Accounts
  • Mainstreaming sustainable tourism development (consumption and production) practices across all RETOSA member states
  • Mainstreaming community-based tourism across all RETOSA member states, including the inclusive and full economic participation of women and youth
  • Developing tourism products and service quality to globally competitive levels
Provision of regional tourism statistical information
Southern Africa Sustainable Tourism Programme
Community-based tourism
Harmonisation of regional tourism quality standards



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